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wbAMP v1.12.0 – Accelerated Mobile Pages For Joomla – Weeblr

wbAMP v1.12.0 – Accelerated Mobile Pages For Joomla – Weeblr

wbAMP automatically creates and advertises to search engines an Accelerated Mobile Pages version of your web site content. AMPis the latest recommended and open-source technology from Google to present content to mobile users. Google indexes Accelerated Mobile Pages and present them to mobiles users when they search on the main Google search page, in Google News and both the iPhones and Android search apps. Here ishow an AMP pagelooks like (best viewed from a mobile device, but totally fine as well on a desktop). This page was automatically created by wbAMP from our blog regular Joomla! pageyou can find here. It passes thesyntax validation testas well as theStructured Data test.



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